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Value Chain Academy

Elevate Sales, Create Value

An Internal Value Chain Academy

The internal academy is the projection of our methodology, programs, and the organization’s goal. The purpose is to ensure the implementation of business improvement, graduate the champions, and allow employees to visualize their career paths.
All organizational entities row in the same direction.

Internal academies are for organizations that allocate yearly training budgets and are looking to develop and lead human capital to improve continuously.

Junior / Senior Procurement Specialist

– Supply chain: Demand Planning (Sales Forecasting)
– Great Relationship Management
– Strong Relationship Skills
– Impeccable Time Management
– Strategic Thinking
– Change Positive

Junior / Senior Logistics Specialist

– Product Cost Saving
– Managed Effective Relationships with Third-Party Suppliers
– Streamlined Transportation Processes

Junior / Senior Supply Chain Specialist

– Supply Chain Design
– Supply Chain Planning & Execution
– Supply Chain Improvement

Supply Chain Management

– Foundations Of Supply Chain Management
– Managing Vendor Qualification
– Purchasing and Supplier Selection
– Negotiating & Managing Contracts
– Managing Logistics
– Strategic Sourcing: The Ideal Approach to Buying
– Dealing with Supply Chain’s Top Challenge

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