program objective

Organizations tend to build customized sales programs allowing their sales team to thrive, and achieve high targets.

We believe in Specialization and Co Training environment to help sales people take on the market challenge. 

Tailoring each organization’s sales program based on the CPSP – SUITSHUB will provide as part of our service a Co- Trainer specialized in the industry. 

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program's outline

Week 1 

Building Vision: The Initiation

  • Setting Sales Team Vision
  • Prepare them to the Ultimate Mindset
  • Cycle of Performance
  • Communication Hierarchy
  • Cold Calling Exercises and Skill Building
  • Industry Tailored Training

Week 2

Breaking Old Habits: The Attitude

  • Attitude towards Sales
  • Cycle of Performance into Mindset
  • Influence
  • Setting Sales Strategy
  • Prospecting Exercises and Skill Building
  • Industry Tailored Training

Week 3

New Habits: The Habit

  • Attitude towards Sales
  • Deception Categories
  • Influence
  • Performance, Body Language, & Setting the Stage
  • Meeting with Client Fundamentals, Up selling, & Cross-selling
  • Industry Tailored Training

Week 4 

Disciplined Imagination: The Influence

  • Influence
  • Mindset
  • Being the Rapport
  • Strategy Building Skills
  • Pipeline Exercises and Skill Building
  • Industry Tailored Training

Week 5

Role Modeling: The Model

  • Influence
  • Mindset
  • Strategy Building Skills
  • Defining Modeling
  • Modeling Exercising and Skill Building
  • Meeting Cases and Practical Coaching
  • Industry Tailored Training

Week 6

Building Identity: The Identity

  • Identity
  • Visions Summarized
  • Setting Go to Plan
  • Setting Strategy
  • Taking The Risk to ACT
  • Industry Tailored Training

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