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Breaking the Wall

Elevate Sales, Create Value

A new concept to maintain team Synergy, Empathy, and Collaboration.

We anticipate and discuss “Failures” that affected or might effect the organization.
This scope goes through Three main parts followed with workshops and programs to move from the comfort zone and promote continuous improvement within the organization

Experiences and content to create a culture where people don’t mark out failure.

Confronting the Wall

We are creating empathy among colleagues by Confessing past failures.
Through publicly Admitting failures in specific areas, human resources will be able to dilute egoistic corporate aura and implement the performance culture needed within organizations to improve continuously.

Walking Around the Wall

Each Employee then will be Writing his failures on papers and Sticking it on the Failure Wall. Failure should be recent and not solved yet.
Then everyone else should Write down ways they can offer to support and service colleagues to Overcome the failure.


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We facilitate a collection of Programs, Workshops, Events, and Content, in line with your company’s values, goals and key objectives.

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