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CPSL – Certified Professional Sales Leader

Elevate Sales, Create Value

CPSL focuses on four fundamental principles – Team Building, IE Leadership, Performance, and Communication through:

Conditional & Behavioral Training

Consistency & Performance

Sales Leadership Skills

CPSL Objectives
Transform sales leaders into more advanced communicators
Build new habits in the areas of Communication, Team Building, IE Leadership, and daily Performance
Create leadership habits of the best sales leaders
Develop lasting behaviors to enhance your leadership communication
Become a master communicator
Establish and maintain rapport and loyalty within the team

Forty-five days – six weeks challenge

Teams and sales professionals will be able to stimulate, motivate, discipline, and commit themselves consistently.

You will be able to apply behavioral scenarios, challenges, and situations in your real life.
Through the six weeks cycle, you will build visions as a sales professional, break old habits, create success habits, handle objections, understand role model beliefs, and establish identity.

Sales Leaders will eventually elevate sales teams’ results, encourage team spirit, and create value towards the sales department.

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