SUITSHUB would like to optimize your sales team schedule


There are many reasons why we exist, and one of them is the need to have a sales team without building one. Lebanon’s one of the largest industries are startups, and SMEs – Small to Medium Enterprises. Accordingly SUITSHUB built up a sales team specialized in more than one industry to help you achieve your company’s vision and sales goals. Organizations with product based or service based can outsource their sales people and start pushing their products into the market.

Based on our humble experience in the sales industry, sales people and sales managers look to keep the team in the market. In reality sales teams tend to work on administrative tasks and cold calling almost 70% of the their time.

SUITSHUB’s mission in our HARD SELL service is to create the best out of the sales team’s schedule and to build outsourced sales teams to push organizations’ product/service to the market in the most efficient and effective way.


For Startups: 

Are you wishing to outsource your sales, let someone do the hassle and the hustle to make it in a shorter time? As star-ups your challenge is ours, and SUITSHUB is dedicated to your success.

We will prepare a team of two or more sales professionals to be responsible for your presence in the market. Accordingly you will be able to run for investors and operational tasks that will affect the overall future.

For SMEs: 

SUITSHUB team will prepare the client list & align it with your current CRM / Client list data. We will make sure we bring exponential experience to you and the sales team.

Our telemarketers will assist your sales team in the hassle of cold calling. Sales team will no longer spend time cold calling; we will do the cold call, set the meeting and your team will meet your clients to close the deal.

Our philosophy is to be Dedicated to your Success~

Our Promise

We promise to be your Expert, Enthusiastic, & Exponential partner who will serve you and your team with full integrity.

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