CPSL is based on both the strategy and proven daily conditioning and effective behavioral training to help sales managers, sales directors, vice presidents, CEO’s , and sales professionals looking to move into leading a sales team become internationally certified. Program will develop your sales managers and empower them to equip and coach their teams with the ability to influence and increase sales. 

Managers will be able to build the strategy of leadership to be able to understand the growth cycle, level up their veteran sales team, motivate team members through effective communication that best impact team performance.

Re- Enforce the areas of

Effective Communication ,E I Leadership, Performance, Influence, & Coaching

CPSL will Influence Leaders

Build a self-directed and empowered sales team
Align individuals’ motivation with achieving sales goals
Coach sales teams and Equip them with the tools to get results
Lead sales people effectively through their own perceived limitations
Enhance your performance and lead by example
Assist the team build effective habits for consistent and sustainable results

about the association

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) was founded on the principles of superior sales psychology, sales behaviors, outstanding influence and leadership of the top sales executives around the world.

Sales professionals needed a group to certify, organize, and develop people. It is comprised of dynamic men and women who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the rapidly changing world of sales.

They have committed to advancing their careers and financial security by participating in our community. Our community links career-minded professionals together into a nationwide peer network. This further increases the individual’s credentials, leading to even more visible stature as a Sales Professional.

NASP is utilized by companies worldwide

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