Pleasure To Meet You!

Suitshub is an establishment in Beirut, Lebanon specialized in human and organizational development through consulting, coaching and training in various industries. In a nutshell, Suitshub guarantees continuous improvement and aligns processes with organizational vision, culture, and corporate identity. SUITSHUB has four main divisions:
Sales Marketing Excellence
Value Chain Excellence
Financial Management
Breaking the Wall


In order to help you grow your business, we tailored our approach to fit organizational vision, culture, and corporate identity.
Each division has its own Methodology to dissect and tackle objectives.
Programs are based on the Mastery levels. Each program is tailored to fit organizational objectives, vision, culture, and corporate identity.
For continuous success, we setup an internal Academy for each of the divisions. Where internal Leaders become champions.
International Certification
We have affiliated with NASP - National Association of Sales Professionals - to provide you with international Sales Certifications.
  1. CPSP - Certified Professional Sales Person
  2. CPSL - Certified Professional Sales Leader